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Abcom and Partner Solutions

Abcom Back Office BOS

Abcom Dashboarding

Abcom BOS® the proven Back Office of Choice

Abcom BOS franchise restaurant software system provides the means to apply a systematic approach to cash and inventory management, sales data analysis, ordering procedures, staff rostering, and labour usage. By providing accurate information to your management team, losses will be minimised and your bottom line will be improved. Now hosted in the cloud with Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop.


Xero Connector

Abcom -Xero Connector

Abcom and Xero® really do make beautiful business

Deposits, sales, payroll entries and month end inventory all import directly into Xero.   In addition to the automation from the store, Xero interfaces with Lightyear, providing a real end to end solution.  Coupled with the ability to access your transactions on a daily basis from live bank feeds, you have the ability to harness all of the efficiencies that a fully cloud based general ledger system provides.

Payroll & Bookkeeping Services


Professional Payroll and Bookkeeping Services


Not only does Abcom have extensive experience developing franchise accounting software systems solutions, but we also have years of knowledge on the operational side of accounting practices for quick service restaurant franchise businesses namely our Franchise Bookkeeping Services.

Contact Abcom to tailor a package to suit your business needs.

Lightyear Cloud


Fully automates invoice data entry for your Accounts Payable

  • Instant invoice Extraction—Line by Line

  • Customised Approval Process

  • Mobile App

  • Fixed Audit Trail

  • Auto Duplicate Flagging

  • Paper clip Function

  • Automatic Statement Reconciliation

  • Approvals Process (customised) 

  • Accounting Sync

  • Seven Year Online Archive & Reporting


Abcom Employee Portal

Abcom Cloud HR

Abcom Cloud Payroll

Employee Portal:

  • View Personal Information

  •  View Payslips (no more emails)

  •  View Leave Accruals

  •  Upload Employment documents

  •  Leave requests (Abcom HR Payroll)

  •  Rosters (Abcom BOS)


Abcom Payroll

Abcom Payroll

  • FFIA - 2022 Compliant

  • Super Stapling Compliant

  • IFA2 Compliant

  • STP2 Compliant

  • Casual Conversion



Abcom BOS App

Abcom - BOS Web-App iPad or Android electronic stock-take

  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) – iOS or Android.

  • Register and use devices between sites in 30 seconds.

  • Stock take Data is P.I.N. protected.

  • All stock take data is deleted after 72 hours.

  • The green total box represents the acceptable count.

  • Amber total represents an unacceptable count (exceeds total available stock.)

  • Only the stock count is stored on the device (zero sensitive I.P on device)

  • Works with iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

Abcom Business Intelligence


Abcom Business


  • Connect all your disparate data sources in the same environment to establish a single source of truth for all your data.

  • Combine enterprise-scale and self-service BI to drive insights and innovation at every level of your organisation

  • Bridge the gap between insights and decisions through unmatched interoperation with the apps people use every day.

  • Ensure everyone can explore data with an easy-to-use interface, free training resources, and an array of accessibility features.

In-Depth Financial Analysis

Fathom HQ

Keep track of your business

Gain the insights you need for faster decisions and better results

  • Consolidated Reporting

  • KPIs Analysis

  • Profitability Analysis

  • Cash Flow Analysis

  • Divisional Analysis

  • Trend Analysis

  • Growth Analysis

  • Charts

  • Custom KPIs

  • Bench-marking

  • Forecasts from budgets

  • Micro-forecasts

  • Group Forecasting

  • Business Road maps

  • Scenario-Based planning

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