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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How many Apps will Crew have to use post My Restaurant?
    My Job will be used for the hiring process only. Abcom Cloud (payslips, document uploads such as birth certificates and right to work) is not an app therefore browser access only. The Tanda app will be used to broadcast Rosters, shift acceptance, modify availabilty, request shift swaps and leave requests.
  • Can I run Abcom - BOS on my Mac PC?
    Yes, now you can we use the Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Platform. Now you can access BOS from any device.
  • Is Abcom discontinuing Accounts Payable and General Ledger?
    No, we are still offering and supporting these Abcom products. Xero is just an offered alternative and we will provide support for both systems.
  • Can I use Xero as my accounting software?
    Yes, Abcom now offers a choice of Abcom Accounting or Xero. Both products are fully integrated with Abcom - BOS and Abcom Payroll. Contact Peter Dessaix at Abcom for more information. 07 5530 7806
  • Can I move to Xero from Abcom APGL?
    Yes, you can contact Peter Dessaix at Abcom to discuss : 07 5530 7806
  • Can I transfer my Xero Account from Maxtel?
    Yes, this is a simple process. Contact Peter Dessaix at Abcom and we can assist you 07 5530 7806
  • Is Abcom BOS and Payroll available in New Zealand.
    Coming soon, however, you must be a user of Tanda Rosters for this to fully integrate. Xero is used for payroll with Tanda providing the payroll engine and full payroll calculations.
  • Does Lightyear work in New Zealand?
    Yes it does, we can easily move your account to the Abcom - Lightyear N.Z partnership account.
  • Who is TANDA?
    TANDA is an Australian Company, established in 2012, now over 7000 clients (and counting) around the world. The TANDA team of 160 employees work from offices in Brisbane, Chicago, London and Manila. The business services many enterprises and franchise clients in each of these markets. Abcom conducted full due diligence and have complete confidence in TANDA, now and into the future.
  • Why is Abcom using a Third Party - TANDA - for Scheduling?
    TANDA is the latest in workforce management, and their platform is robust and intuitive - enabling you to get the most from your schedules. TANDA provides a true cognitive process when writing rosters - leading to better quality, data driven scheduling that saves you time and money. Plus, it is cloud based (online) concurrent user platform meaning you can access information whenever, and wherever, you need it. That's right - live and up to date information at your staff's fingers!
  • Why does Abcom with TANDA cost more than My Restaurant with eBOS?
    The Tanda platform offers a market leading solution to labour and workforce management, Tanda's online cognitive process used to generate optimised rosters is innovative and unparalled. Plus, the platform has a lot of other features to best support your day to day operations. Abcom - BOS does not provide the same level of functionality or accessabilty that a Tanda solution would provide. As a cloud-based (online) software, you can access Tanda via a mobile phone or desktop, wherever you are. Plus, you'll never need to download and update.
  • Can we be assured of the future viability of TANDA?
    Tanda is an Australian established company with over 7,000 clients and offices in USA, UK and the Philippines. Abcom conducted full due diligence and have complete confidence in Tanda, now and into the future. Abcom is still developing and maintaining Abcom - Scheduling for our many non - McDonald's Clients.
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